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The smart way to manage permits

Eaglebe is a smart permit management platform for skips, roadworks, scaffolding… Process permits 5x faster, double your tax revenue and create safer streets.

Is your city ready?


100+ Smart Cities have processed 150000 permits since 2017 and collected over £3 million.

1. Online Permit Application

Easy for all

✓ Enter your contact details
✓ Select type of permit
✓ When do you need the permit
✓ Draw your zone on the map
✓ Conflict detected? Find other period / zone

2. Smart dispatching

Work together on complex permits

✓ Contact applicant when needed
✓ Ask advice from colleagues
✓ Manage your task
✓ Keep an eye on the city dashboard

3. Generate Permit

Your style, your template

✓ All information from application printed
✓ Create different templates for skips, scaffolding, roadworks
✓ Digital signature possible

4. send payment request

Online payments

✓ Automated tax calculation (days, surface area, type, …)
✓ 95% of payments within 3 hours
✓ Auto-send permit after tax collection
✓ No hassle to collect tax

5. increase road safety

Create safer streets with the map

All temporary occupations are visible on the map, so you can avoid conflicts. Minimise traffic obstructions in the same street at the same time. Have the ability to see the overall situation with one click.

6. Dispatch tasks to outdoor

Send work orders

✓ Place and retrieve parking prohibition signs
✓ Take pictures and notes upon execution
✓ All information available in back-office
✓ iOS & Android // Smartphone & Tablet

"We grant 250% more permits and can handle it with only 50% of the original team. EagleBe gamified the process: faster, easier and our team enjoys using it!"

Tom Van Neyghem, Team Manager Public Space at City of Aalst

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